SkySpark jobs?

Hello Launchpad,

I live in the UK and was wondering what sort of jobs are available for people who have SkySpark training?

Many Thanks 


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  • Hi David, welcome to Launchpad!

    I can only answer for our own experience for Fantom Factory, but this question strikes me as being more about what kind of jobs are in the Smart Building industry instead. SkySpark's main purpose is to provide data analytics - used mostly in monitoring building operations.

    So, first and foremost, the ability to use SkySpark to analyse building operations and identify patterns to streamline and optimise processes is one particular role. I would imagine this applies to business analysts, project managers and freelancing consultants who want to save money on how energy is used in existing environments AND to plan new projects or builds?

    A larger area of SkySpark work goes into the customisation and implementation of SkySpark - which can be quite technical and in-depth. There are lots of technologies to consider, for networking and for data tagging, and the physical connection and installation of sensors and controllers. In a very general sense, there are programmers, network specialists, hardware specialists and building engineers who all need to know SkySpark for their roles.

    Typical building maintenance and operations can vary in quite a big way between countries, and the difference between the UK and the US is actually quite large. Where many countries (like the United States) use air conditioning units heavily, for heating, air quality and ventilation, here in the UK these units are still few and far between, although the adoption is growing! (As you are probably aware, we still just use windows a lot of the time!)

    The UK in general seems to have been very slow in the uptake for "Smart Buildings" and analytics platforms like SkySpark, with much more appetite over in Europe such as in the Netherlands. So, until we see more growth here in the UK, jobs in SkySpark will be fairly limited - with a growing need for more businesses to offer implementation and consultancy services in the technology. 

    I guess it comes down to what kind of role you're looking for? If it's something involved with building maintenance, operations or projects - the chances are you can apply SkySpark knowledge to it!

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